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Camp Casey Conference Center’s lodging options accommodate groups of all sizes – from six-person leadership groups to 500-person all-church retreats. Camp Casey Conference Center works hard to keep lodging rates affordable for groups of all ages. Rates do not include linens or towels in any of your options.

With vintage officers’ quarters, army barracks, and mess halls, Camp Casey offers you these options to suit your group’s needs:
Bachelor Officer Quarters (BOQ)
Once housing young unmarried officers, this space offers semiprivate rooms for 20 to 50 people, a large meeting area, small groups space, dining room, and a commercial kitchen available for rental.
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Fire Hall
This cozy three-bedroom unit offers six to 10 guests a wood stove, living room, and kitchen facilities. This option is especially well suited for small leadership retreats and seminars.
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Staff Quarters A, B, C & D
These sleeping quarters are situated in the row of buildings on Casey's South Campus. These accommodate groups up to 8 individuals.  Includes living room, full kitchen, and full bathroom.
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Alumni House West
A turn-of-the-century Victorian house, the Alumni House West provides groups of 10 to 21 individuals with a warm homelike atmosphere.
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This building is suitable for groups of 16-29 people, and is completely wheelchair accessible. Contains spaces for groups to meet, cook, eat and sleep within one facility.
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Company Quarters A
Groups of 20 to 48 will be comfortable in these semiprivate rooms, each with two single beds.  It has showers and bathrooms on each floor, allowing men and women to be housed on separate floors within one barracks
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Company Quarters B
This building can host groups of 35-75. It has showers and bathrooms on each floor, allowing men & women to be housed on separate floors within one barracks.
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Company Quarters C, D, & E
Great for groups from 35-65. They have bathrooms and showers on the lower
floor with interior stairwells to allow
easy access from the upper floor.
They are suitable for single-gender
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Company Quarters G
Has the capacity of 60 and has bathrooms on each floor, allowing men and women to be housed on separate floors within one barracks.
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  • Dorm Style Barracks - Camp Casey Conference Center Lodging

    Dorm Style

    Semi-Private Rooms

  • Open Bay Barracks

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